Ginza intersections

In & Around: 

This one taken from 11 floors of a new shopping mall in Ginza. See location map below.

It was raining that day, which make it more interesting to take people walk with umbrella from above. 

To get this shot, you want to go up to the 11 floor of this building, and they will have another glass door which you will see escalators lead up to the roof floor. take that escalators up and pick your favorite corner! They also have a nice cafe with large windows you can snap a shot like this on 6 floors very close to an escalators. This cafe might be a better idea on a raining day because windows in the cafe doen't get much rain drop. If it is a nice day, just go up to the roof top and enjoy the weather.

Just so you know what lens to bring with you. I was using 15 mm on a 1.5 crop sensor, so it is around 22 mm on a FF camera. Get extra wide angle lens with you for this location. buildings around this area are packed close together.