Epic golden hour

Image of Sunset and shinkansen over a highway

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Summer is around the corner, and I usually take a brake from taking day time photo during summer :p

See shooting location from map below.

You can find many location around Shimbashi for photo opportunity of Shinkansen running between buildings like this. However this location seem to give the most epic sunset scene because the sun set between the building right infront. You can see how big the train really is when see it side by side with everyday life's object and buildings like this.

I use 50 mm on 1.5 crop sensor for this photo. I had a few photos with nice looking sun's star-bursts but unfortunately it also has strong unwanted flares. (this image has a light flares in the center too.) It is common to get flares when point camera directly at the sun like this and worse, at this location, I have to do it behind a glass wall. Make sure you find a good angle with minimum to no flares can be produced.