Friday color

looking down at city below

In & Around: 

This one taken from 38 floor of Ebisu Garden Place tower. It is Friday after working hours.

I believe you can use tripod here. Just don't use large size tripod and extend it full range obstructing another people! It is on a restaurant floor. Floor 39 is under renovation at this time. It will be re-opened soon. It also offer a few more windows for photo opportunities. It has a lot of reflection from interior lights at night, so beware of that.

I use 50 mm on 1.5 crop sensor for this image. I do this one handheld f2.8 to test my new old fast lens. It is a 1977, Pentax M50 f1.7. I don't know what spells of black magic Pentax put on this lens back then. The color saturation I got from this old lens is somewhat makes me "feel" it is better than many digital era lens design, and at f2.8 it is already sharp enough to beat any modern lens at the same f-stop (of cause, it is my feeling :P ). It get even sharper, better color and contrast when stop down to 5.6 - 8. It is only 5,000 Yen or less. I think the believe that say new lens design for digital sensor is better than older film era lens can hardly be applied here! 

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