Mysterious hallway

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Moody & Modern looks Hallways which lead to somewhere...

This photo taken from Yokohama Intl Passenger Terminal during sunset hour. Very interesting architecture and highly recommend for sunset to blue hours. The sun is setting on the right side of this image.

I happened to run to the toilet down stare. When I get out and turn right, I see this scene! I has already been here a few times for sunset photo and I always keep myself busy up stare shooting photo of the sunset behind Yokohama's skyline. Now I learn that sometime taking sunset photo doesn't mean you only have to take the actual sun setting scene. Walk around, you might find an interesting corner to do a sunset photo without even have the sun in the photo. (but if you end up find nothing interesting + you miss the real sunset photo's opportunity, don't blame me!)

Tripod is ok here & it free to enter the facility. Make sure you go there if you have enough time after shopping in Sakurajicho. Check the actual sunset time before go.

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