Road to the tower

Road to the tower

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See location map below.

I am on a pedestrian overpass at the other end of the tower when I get this shot. I am a kind of wish that I can see the tower in the middle of the road from here.

Tokyo has a lot of interesting building and awesome architecture, but those landmarks will only looks good on its own. It doesn't look that good when view it with surrounding city. Unlike those in Europe, city planning here doesn't seem to build in a way to help on framing to make both landmark site and the whole city looking good together. (This is just my opinion.)

I use a 50 mm lens on 1.5 Pentax K-3 1.5 crop-sensors for this shot. if you have anything wider than 14mm on 1.5 crops, you should be able to get the whole intersection and the tower together. This overpass is always shaken by cars below and strong wins; it can be challenging try get a sharp low light image via tripod here.