Sunset color

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This on from roof floor of Shinjuku new bust terminal.

There are many ways to access the roof floor. I use the elevator in front of JR station.
Go up to 6 floor. After get out to an open area, walk ahead and turn left. You will see a restaurant at the end of the walk way. On the left side you will see a stairway leading up which always close. Never mind that one, look on the right hand of that closed stairway or left hand of the restaurant, you will see a smaller walking path, go there and you will see another staircase leading up. Use that one to go up. Sound complicated, right? It is not that complicate if you there.

Tripod is OK here. I took 2 images using a 50 mm lens on 1.5 crop sensor. One for upper part and another one for lower part.

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