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Tokyo tower

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Tokyo Tower 東京タワー, an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.  Built in 1958 cerebrating for the first Tokyo Olympic.

I took this photo from World Traid Center. See shooting location via map below.

The Map I showed below is my recommended route if you plan on visit Tokyo tower. You can walk from Tokyo tower to Zoji-ji temple which is an interesting place to visit. They took the x-men wolverine origins there (yeah, I know. everything is wrong in that film!). From there you can easily walk to WTC. Just exit from the front gate of the temple and walk straight ahead. Or if you don't want to walk, you can get off a train at Hamamatsucho station. WTC is right next to that station.

The observatory is on 40th floor. It offer a 360-degree panorama of Tokyo, including landmarks like Tokyo Tower, TOKYO SKYTREE, and Odaiba, and on a clear day, even Mt. Fuji. It is one of the closest Observatory to Tokyo tower. Sunset hour and The tower is stunting. From what I remember, they light up the tower with orange light from a few minute before sunset to around 7 pm. after that they switch it to purple + white light which I don't really like it. IMO, Photo during orange light light-up looks a lot better.

I use 28 mm lens with 1.5 crop sensor for this photo. As far as I know, Tripod can be used here which is great for night photography.



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