Trial of light

image of light trial on a street in shinjuku

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I took this image from Odakyu Departmen Store, See location map below.

Use "escalator" lead up to 11th floor. It should be escalator with Elevators to its left hand. When you are on 11 floors, walk to the left hand of the elevators. You will see a dark corner with large windows. I use a minitripod for this photo, and It dark enough so that you don't have to worry about reflection on the Window.

Another way is get in to any restaurant on that side of the department store and request for a sit next to a window. Some restaurant will have a better view.

If you are not doing night / long exposure photo, you can go up to the very top floor. Keep walking on the left hand side after you leave an escalator. They have an open area with a better view. It is just harder to use small Tripod up there.