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Looking at the Tsukiji fish market from above. See shooting location map below.

It is on a sky view floor of Dentsu Building. It is a building of an advertising giant company here. When you enter the building… well it depend on what entrance you use. However assume that you are already in the building restaurant floor. I guess it is the first floor? This building layout is a kind of confusing me sometime. Anyway, if you are in the building where the restaurants are, you will see blue carpet lead to elevators that will bring you up to the “sky restaurants”.  They have “a” window for you to enjoy the view. If you want, you can try any restaurant up there. All of them have a very nice view of Tokyo skyline. (and expensive)

I use a 15 mm lens on 1.5 crop sensor. I don’t think you can use large tripod here. I use a mini-tripod for this shot.

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