Two cross

Shibuya cross from above

In & Around: 

The building is relatively new so it is not many web site (if any at all) reveal the location yet. See shooting location map below. I wasn't prepare for a night photo shooting. It was more of a location scouting for me that day. So...I will go back there again soon because I got a feeling they might want to build shop or restaurant there because it offices a very nice view of Shibuya from above.

Shibuya station is on the left hand. Famous Shibuya cross is in the middle and another busy cross is in the upper middle in front of 109 building.

Shooting location is in Hikarie shopping center building. You want to go up to the theater floor,  TOKYU THEATRE Orb. The best view is on 10 floors. 11 floors offer a part of Shinjuku as well but it space is abit small and too many people.

I use 50 mm lens on 1.5 crop sensor for this image.